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Aroma Spark Diffuser + 6 Oils Combo Pack

Enhance your surroundings with our versatile Aroma Spark Diffuser and create a mist of beautiful aroma around the house.

you can use any fragrance or add on our 6 pack essential oil kit to elevate your mood or have a calm and restful sleep.

Calm, Refresh, and Relax with our top-of-the-range essential oils.


Lavender: Lavender oil will instantly induce relaxation and will create a calming and peaceful environment. Best for sleeping and bathing.

Lemon: Providing a healthy and refreshing Boost. Its uplifting and purifying properties will help you improve your mood.

Sweet Orange: Reducing anxiety, cold, and flu symptoms, and greater alertness is what you need.

Sandalwood: The rich and sweet aroma of sandalwood helps you concentrate, balance emotions, and help clear your skin.

Rose: Rose oil is highly desired among our  customers as its blooming aroma reduces stress and glowy skin

Lilly: Lily supports emotional and mental health by promoting the restful and peaceful sleep that you deserve.

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