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Rechargeable Galaxy Moon Lamp

🌟 A work of art!

  • illuminate your room with an incredibly stunning piece of decor straight out of the space which will make you fall in love every time you look at it.
  • With its shiny look and adjustable colors, our rechargeable galaxy moon lamp is sure to be an eye-catcher and guaranteed to steal the show.

        🌟 Your Favourite Colors!

  • You can adjust the brightness and choose your favorite color with the remote or simply with a tap.
  • With exciting and vibrant 16 different Colours one must be your favorite! 

       🌟 The Perfect Gift!

  • Our Galaxy Moon lamp is not only for spicing up your room game but it's the ultimate gift and its KIDS FAVOURITE!
  • With our Non-fragile and lightweight design, You can happily throw it around and play with it whenever and wherever you want.
Diameter : 15cm
Diameter : 15cm
Shipping and Warranty
This Product comes with 90 Days Warranty.
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